Our Natural Heritage

Singapore’s Natural History is the unlikely candidate for anyone to consider as far as Singapore’s heritage is concerned. However we managed to uncover quite a fair bit of information from a lecture we attended in the National Museum conducted by Dr John van Wyhe.

Kampong Glam / Geylang

To take a look at the unique and vibrant Malay heritage, we decided to do things a little differently since Hari Raya was around the corner. We will be covering both Kampong Glam and Geylang - where the Hari Raya Bazaar will be held.

Clarke Quay

Singapore’s heritage often brings the impression of places like Chinatown and Little India, while Clarke Quay is hardly mentioned. Being along the Singapore River, it’s modern and upbeat setting is amplified especially during the evenings at sundown.

Little India

Little India is a place in Singapore which, as the name suggests, is a little version of India. It started off as the traditional ethnic neighborhood for the Indians during Singapore’s early days. Coming here feels like I have travelled 10 years back into the past to a Singapore I’m not used to.


Being Chinese, coming to Chinatown should feel a little close to my home. However, the experience is a little bit more verbose than that. As far as first impressions go, Chinatown in Singapore just isn’t the typical one you’ll find anywhere else in the world.